The Central Cooperative Union is involved in the successful implementation of projects at national, European and international level.

Cooperative organisations with the system of the Central Cooperative Union have implemented a number of projects under the Rural Development Programme, Human Resource Development Operational Programme and Competitiveness Operational Programme.



♦ A project aimed at activation of the acceptance of new cooperative members "All together we can do more"

♦ A project for the implementation of a unified statistic information system (SIS)

♦ Grain bases – strategic investment projects of the cooperative system


♦ Project "European Cooperative Culture Routes"

♦ Project "Development and Implementation of Workforce Competency Assessment Information System by Branch and by Region"

♦ Project „Bulgarian Managers in Times of Economic Turmoil – Who Made Their Businesses Even More Successful"

♦ „I Can" and „I Can Do More"

♦ Project „COOP ERASMUS for Young Entrepreneurs"

♦ Project „Development of CCU Information System as Basis for the Creation of Satellite Accounts of the Cooperatives in Bulgaria"

♦  Project „Promotion and Strengthening of the Cooperation between the Cooperative Organisations in Croatia, Montenegro, Italy and Bulgaria (PRO.COOP)

♦ European Cooperative Society Project

♦ Project „Youth Career in the Cooperative Economy"

♦ Project „Social Partnership Programme - Consolidation"

♦ Project „Restructuring of the Commercial Activities within the System of the Central Cooperative Union"

♦ Project „Bulgaria's Preparation for the Accession to the European Union" (Before Europe)