At the global cooperative expos, organised under the initiative of the International Cooperative Alliance, the Central Cooperative Union presented both COOP branded goods – mineral water, honey, wine and various herb teas, and the cooperative hotel complexes.

  • 2008 - Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2010 – Bangalore, India
  • 2012 – Manchester, United Kingdom

European projects


Project „Establishment of Cooperatives in Bulgaria in New Areas of Activity and Innovations in the Opening of New Jobs for Young People", in partnership with Intellect COOP EOOD, Plovdiv and Kooperationen Denmark.

Outcome: The establishment of a youth cooperative "EDIN-E-NIE" (ONE-IS-US) with an object of activity in the social area.


2008  – 2010

Project „Promotion and Strengthening of the Cooperation between the Cooperative Organisations in Italy, Montenegro, Croatia and Bulgaria”.

Outcome: Comparative analysis of the EU Regulation on the European Cooperative Society and the cooperative legislation in Bulgaria, Croatia and Italy for further improvement and harmonisation of the cooperative legislation in Europe.

2009 – 2011

Project „COOP Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” aimed at promotion and involvement of young people so they would gain experience in the development and management of the cooperative business.

A leading role in this project was played by Cooperatives Europe – ICA Europe Region, which together with 6 national cooperative organisations formed a consortium – including CEPEC Andalusia (Spain), Cooperatives United Kingdom, Elabora – Confcooperative Italy, Inforcoop – Lega Coop Italy, Companion Sweden, and the Central Cooperative Union - Bulgaria.

Outcome: 21 successful exchanges between start-up and experienced entrepreneurs were organised within the project. One of them was with the Central Cooperative Union.

2013 – 2015

Project „European Routes to Promote Cooperative History, Culture and Traditions" – the European Confederation of Cooperatives Active in Industry and Services (CECOP-CICOPA) was the lead partner working in partnership with 18 national cooperative organisations from 11 countries.

Outcome: Website promoting the cooperative heritage, history, tradition and culture of the project partners with an option for further expansion and enrichment of the COOP Route. 

Hosting European cooperative forums


General Assembly of the European Community of Consumer Cooperatives (EURO COOP)

Meeting of the Board of Cooperatives Europe – ICA Europe Region


European seminar "COOP tourism – new development perspective”

European Cooperative Youth Forum


First International Cooperative Business School jointly with leading professors from the Russian University of Cooperation

General Assembly of the European Community of Consumer Cooperatives (EURO COOP