Inovative trade solutions

A distinctive feature of the COOP Retail Chain as compared to the other chains for fast moving goods in Bulgaria includes several innovative solutions which add to its spirit of innovation and novelty.

Electronic labels

Following the successful launch at the end of 2012, when the COOP supermarket  in Sofia became the first commercial outlet in Bulgaria with a sales area of more than 1 000 sq. m. fully furnished with e-labels, such labels were implemented in other regions throughout the country, such as Varna, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Russe, etc. E-labels implementation offers many advantages to the customers and the employees equally, and it significantly optimises the sales process. Efficiency is improved, speed and adequacy are ensured when changing the prices in different time zones and during promotions and similar events as a result of this innovation.


Uniform trade information system

А new concept was developed in 2012 for the implementation of a uniform trade information system (UTIS), which is an integral part to the overall concept of the COOP Retail Chain. It allows for an automatic connection between the shops and the central database without any interference by the staff. The unique feature of the UTIS for the COOP Chain is that it accumulates information from shops that use different trade information systems in a single database.